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Tar house Over View

Tar House

A free standing hand built outdoor museum dedicated to all things “tar” will be built in the shape of an oversized sculptural foot poised with heel in the air revealing tar -like stalagmites hanging above referencing the history of the term “ tar heel”.
This structure will be a new addition to the legacy of North Carolina’s roadside attractions.

Size- approximately 15 ft tall, 8 ft wide, 12 ft long.

Structure - frame will be built with a standard post and beam technique.

Exterior- will be built using piece meal materials donated, collected and found in the surrounding area and will be applied shingle style

Interior- An open call to the community will announced the project and request the communities participation. Donations of personal historic remnants will be integrated into the museum’s “ collection”. A non-objective “open source” take on history will be adhered to in order to allow for a larger number of participants to interact and add to the project’s content.

*Taking the term “tar heel”, which began as a derogatory term, as a spring board and exploring the various explanations as to its origins, this project will celebrate lesser known local histories.

*A collection of various tars will be on display along with production info and it’s uses.

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